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Flower Series


"When I was about to pour the boiling water into the sink, something made me stop, realising it contained far to much pigment to treat as a waste product. Instead I poured the boiling water on a canvas, at the same time promising myself that I one day would finish the canvas with only beetroot. Whenever I cooked, I poured. Within several layers of  beetroot figures started to show and whenever they did, I highlighted them. Every time that I observed the canvas new figures made their appearance,  that led to a new fascination. Throughout the years I have been experimenting with a lot of different mediums and have been more and more spellbound about the colors that our nature holds. And as I learned in Peru, if you ought to take something from Mother Earth you should pay her back. This is my way." 

Josefin Nordgren


Josefin Nordgren
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