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Exhibitions & Events

2018-11-03 Konstafton Lidköping.

2019-02-24 to 2019-04-21 Eurofins, Lidköping.

2019-11-02 Konstafton Lidköping.

2019-10-16 Galleri Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala.


2019-10-30 Hermans Give Peas A Chance, Christmas market, Stockholm.

2020-03-07 Galleri Zeitgeist Art Show, Galleri Zeitgeist, Uppsala.

2020-05-23 to 2020-05-30 Affordable Art Fair 

SoHo Art, Design & Culture Center.

2020-08-20 to 2020-09-13 SoHo Art, Design & Culture Center International Online Exhibition.

2020-09-20 SoHo Art, Design & Culture Center. Kulturnatt 2020. 

2020-10-16 to 2020-10-22 Galleri Bellman, Södermalm, Stockholm.

2020-10-31 Konstafton Lidköping - CANCELLED. 

2021-05-29 to 2021-06-19 Nora Gårds Gårdsgalleri, Värmdö.

2021-06 Mural painting at Ronald McDonald, Uppsala in Collaboration with Stine Kjaernsbeck.


2021-09-03 to 2021-09-05 Sigtuna Art Walk, Galleri Zeitgesit.

2021-11-06 Konstafton Lidköping.

2021-12-04 to 2022-01-28 Eurofins, Lidköping.

2022-03-18 to 2022-03-20 Galleri Hind, Stockholm.

2022-06-01 Fotografiska, One Planet Forum. 

Appetites For Change: The Power Of Food. 


Autumn of 2015 was the first time I poured boiling water from cooking beets onto a canvas instead of the sink, realising the water hold far to much pigment to go to waste. There and then I decieded to continue this process until the canvas was all covered with pigment from beetroot. Since then the canvases have become plenty and the organic materials has varied a lot all from beetroot, red cabbage, rhubarb and blackberry juice saved through defrost. The layers have been watery and thick. It has been a lot of experiments and on this path I have learnt to handle these organic pigments rather well. Please join my continued journey, the experiments will continue coming!


Mentored by Lon Michels MFA.

Studio assistant to Matthias Van Arkel.

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